How to create a new order from dispatch panel?

The interface of Dispatch Panel is a friendly one so it will be not a problem to get used to it.

To create an order please follow the next steps:

  1. Press "plus" button to open the new order menu.
  2. Enter phone number*, passenger's name, any note about the customer.
  3. Client's Address*, Destination Address.
  4. Any options regarding the requested vehicle.
  5. Notes to driver, pick up date and time, # of passengers.
  6. Press "Add" button so the system will start looking for a car.

*fields are required

When the order is created the screen will look like this. In the left column it's possible to check the status of the order along with all other orders managed by the company within last 3 hours.


Important information about airport and railway station pickups

If you need your passenger to be picked up in an airport or on a railway station, please indicate in the "Note for driver" field the flight or train number and origin, along with the text for the name sign. This is the must. Otherwise we will not be able to meet your passenger.


How to create a pre-order via dispatch panel?

While creating an order via dispatch panel simply click on the date&time's field and choose the details of pre-order.

Pre-order can be done from 30 minutes in advance.


How to delete an order?

To delete an order please follow the steps:

  1. Press "Edit order" button.
  2. Press "Delete order" button.

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