Loading a Russian company Priority Account

There are two methods available for a US based company to top up its WelcomeTaxi Priority Account:
  • US direct deposit via ACH Credit
  • Credit card online via 2CheckOut.com

Use the form below if you wish to top up your Priority Account through ACH direct deposit. We will send you the payment request within one business day. Payments usually take between 1-3 business days to process. Upon receiving your payment we will convert the sum in Russian rubles (on 20 October 2017 the exchange rate is ) and will add it to your Priority Account balance. Please pay attention: this method is avaliable only for US companies and not for individuals. US Payment Service is provided by Payoneer.

Amount *:USD (minimum 20 USD)
Priority Account number *:
Company Name *:
Company Website *:
First Name *:
Last Name *:
E-mail *:
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Choose the amount you wish to pay in Euro via 2CheckOut.com. 4.5% processing fee will be added to the selected sum. Your Priority Account will be loaded with the selected sum converted in Russian ruble (RUB). Today, on 20 October 2017, the exchange rate is .