How to book

You can get quote and book your WelcomeTaxi car in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg by one of the following ways.

1. Web Form

Our Web Form allows you to get quote, to book and - if necessary - to prepay your ride online by credit card. Flat all-inclusive rates for airport transfers are applied for all bookings placed through the Web Form. Our managers will manually register your booking and email you the confirmation. Your booking should be made not later than two days prior to pickup date. (For example: if you want to be picked up at 12:10 AM on January 15, you should place your booking not later than at 11:59 PM on January 13). Click here to book via Web Form.

2. Web Desk

Our Web Desk booking facility allows you to get quote and to book your ride on demand (ASAP) or pre-book it up to six months in advance. Only cash jobs can be ordered through Web Desk. To book through Web Desk you will need to add there your mobile phone number first. The fixed rates based on mileage and journey time calculated according to traffic forecast will be applied. You can book there also hourly chauffeur service. Once placed, your job will be immediately auto-dispatched to WelcomeTaxi drivers. As soon as a driver will take your job, you will see the driver's and vehicle details in the History. You can also cancel your job there. Click here to book via Web Desk.

3. PickmeApp mobile app

This is the most comfortable way and we recommend you to use this method. With PickmeApp mobile app, you can get a car on demand or pre-book up to six months in advance, straight from your phone. It is available for iOS and Android. You will:

  • Know your driver by name and see how he looks before taking a ride
  • Have driver's phone number and vehicle details in your app
  • Know where the driver is currently at and know exactly when he is approaching
  • After your ride, receive the email invoice with all trip details

However, only cash bookings can be currently accepted through the mobile app. Click here to download PickmeApp.

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