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Moscow, Russia

Karen is a good and helpful person. Thank you

Views: 246 | Added by: LinkedIn Profile | Date: 13 October 2016

Moscow, Russia

Both drivers from Welcome Taxi were excellent! Both were on time and great drivers, many thanks!

Views: 164 | Date: 11 October 2016

Moscow, Russia

Almaz is extremely friendly and helpful!

Views: 158 | Date: 06 October 2016

Almaty, Kazahstan

The driver has been very kind. I'll call you again everytime I'll be in Almaty

Views: 146 | Date: 02 October 2016

Moscow, Russia

The online reservation system was easy to navigate.  The driver was on time (actually a little early) and could speak enough English to take us to the correct airport and terminal.  Finally, the cost was almost half what the hotel private car would have cost us.  Excellent service from start to finish!

Views: 142 | Date: 01 October 2016

Moscow, Russia

I have two friends that live in the same building that I will forward Welcome Taxi contact information too.

Views: 144 | Added by: LinkedIn Profile | Date: 01 October 2016

Assistant Professor
Moscow, Russia

I was very happy with the service, as it delivered as promised. I was a little unsure of ordering this service from the internet, but it proved to be a really convenient and quite cost effective way of having someone else reliably do the airport pickup for some relatives.
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Views: 169 | Date: 27 September 2016

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Our driver was wonderful...had a great experience.

Views: 164 | Date: 25 September 2016

Budapest, Hungary

Your driver Olga was the best experience. I haven't met a person who is able to establish such a great connection to a customer in so relaxed, trustful and honest way. THANK YOU!

Views: 161 | Added by: LinkedIn Profile | Date: 19 September 2016

St. Petersburg, Russia

We had to claim for lost luggage at the airport - what took us long time -and driver waited for us, calles to confirm service and took us to the right final address even being a mistake in the initial hotel address. Perfect service

Views: 149 | Date: 17 September 2016

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