How to book

You can book your ride by one of the following ways:

1. PickmeApp application for iOS or Android devices. We suggest you first of all this method, because in this case your booking will be immediately automatically dispatched to drivers, and you will have all the information about the state of your booking along with driver details just in your smartphone.

2. Web Desk on our website. Your booking will be immediately automatically dispatched too, and you will see the driver's details under the booking form. You will be notified by SMS with the vehicle details when a driver will be assigned and when your taxi will arrive. However, no driver's contact information will be texted to you.

3. Mail Booking Form on our website. We will be notified about your booking by email and we will need to register it manually. SMS notifications will be automatically sent to you when a driver will be assigned to your job and when he/she will arrive to your pickup place. However, the SMS will contain only the vehicle details and will not display driver's contact information. It is supposed that your driver will call or text you to get in touch. We suggest you to use this method only if you have no possibility to use one of the two previous methods mentioned above.