Important notices for PickmeApp users

1. After opening, the app will determine your current location and will propose you services available for that location. If there is no service available, you will be notified about it.

For example, if you currently stay in New York City and would like to book a WelcomeTaxi transfer in Moscow for tomorrow, you will be notified that no service is available (in New York City).

To see the services available for desired location instead of your current location, you have to change the pickup address. For this, tap on the pickup address line and write manually the desired pickup address (for example: "Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal D")

2. The same concerns the possibility to choose when you need your taxi: now or later. This possibility appears only after the correct pickup address will be indicated.

3. If you book a transfer from airport (or railway station), don't forget to indicate your flight (or train) number in the "Note for driver" field. Otherwise we will not be able to meet you in the airport (on the railway station). Please indicate there also the text for name sign, otherwise we will write on the name sign your name as you indicated it in the app when registering.

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