Reviews in all languages » » by Andrew Mulcahy on 24.12.2012
Consultant at Advisers Media International
London, United Kingdom

I have been traveling to Russia for business for 10 years, and make a number of trips a year mostly to Moscow and have used many transfer companies. 

I was very impressed by your company website, and the ease in which to book. When I had trouble paying with mastercard, your staff were very quick to respond and help me understand there is paypal as well. 

I found your driver that picked me up in Moscow last week to be great, and the same for St Petersburg on Friday. 

Your cars were very clean, and both ladies were very nice on the drive back with friendly conversation. In St Petersburgh your driver even washed her car and it was very clean. 

Your pricing is very good, and the advance text with details of driver and phone number very professional. 

I don’t use a car service very often because of the traffic and mostly use the express and also the metro which I am familiar with. However any time I need to use a car service I will certainly use Welcome Taxi and will recommend it to anyone that may require this service as well. 

I must say I very rarely right an email to thank someone for a great service, and for Russia I don’t think I ever have. Your business stands out in a country that whilst service has improved still has some way to go as you know. Your business is leading the way in such a way that many others could learn from.

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