Reviews in all languages » » by Elena Kashina on 31.01.2015
Moscow, Russia / York, U.K.

I have availed myself of the services of Welcome Taxi more than once, due to the lovely company's unfailing reliability, incredibly warm and friendly customer service on the telephone, immediate confirmation on the mobile phone or any specified convenient device of the order, predictable tariffs, and overall sensation that one is in good hands. Oh, and one can phone to place an order or present a query any time of day - one's call will be answered, and in a most polite and welcoming manner as well. I would like to add that the driver was a lovely, well-bred person, of an intellectual kind, showed a sincere interest in the culture of another country, and while conversing about this - time passed so quickly that I did not notice that we had arrived until we literally stopped by the door. And - not one half-question about where we are going, how to get there, the time between the airport and home was just simply lovely.

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