Reviews in all languages » » by Paul Holmes on 15.07.2012
London, UK

I just wanted to write to say how pleased with were with your service. 
It was faultless both times we booked and we were very happy with the drivers. 

One comment to help you. We tried booking our journey from Cosmos to Domodedovo yesterday in our hotel using an Android mobile device. 
Although all dropdowns worked, it appeared that the submit button did not. This meant no confirmation that the request had been sent and I think you did not receive it so it doesnt work. 

I would therefore suggest you get your web design company to optimise your web site for Android browser use as this is probably typical of how tourists will contact you by using free wifi in their hotel. 

I was hoping to leave a positive review for your company on Tripadvisor but it appears you are not yet listed.

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