Web Desk

How it works

1. Add your mobile phone. After verification by SMS, add your name and surname: we will use it for name sign in the airport or on the railway station.

2. Enter your pickup address.

3. Choose when you need your car: NOW or PRE. If you pre-book, enter the desired pickup date and time. In case of airport pickup enter the flight arrival time according to the timetable: our driver will monitor your flight status and will come to the arrival hall within 20 minutes after the actual flight landing. (Attention: you will not be able to choose pre-booking until you enter the pickup address!)

4. IMPORTANT! In case of airport pickup, don't forget to indicate in the "Note for driver" field your flight number and origin. Otherwise we will not be able to meet you in the airport. Likewise, indicate your train and wagon number in case of railway station pickup

5. Select the desired WelcomeTaxi vehicle class. If you need hourly service instead of transfer, check the "Hourly rate" checkbox. (Attention: you will see "No services" instead of "Book" button until you enter your pickup address!)

6. If you enter a dropoff address, you will see the cost of your ride.

7. Press BOOK. That's it! Now your order is automatically dispatched to drivers.

8. When a driver will be assigned to your job, you will see his or her name, phone number and vehicle details just under the booking form, in your recent journeys history. From there you can also cancel your booking, if you need so.

Still have problems? Use Mail Booking Form instead, or contact us.