How To Book Via PickmeApp: Step By Step Manual

How To Book Via PickmeApp: Step By Step Manual

1. Launch the app, get authorized with your phone number and email. The app will automatically locate you. (You may be alerted that there is no service available, if your current location is within a region where we don't serve the customers; for example if you are now in NYC and are trying to book a car in Moscow). If your location is not determined correctly or if you need to change your exact pickup location (for example, you want to be picked up at the drug store on the corner of your building), move the pin on the map. If you need to be picked up at fully other address, tap the "My Location" line as it is shown on the picture above.

2. On the next screen, start to type your pickup address and select the the desired one from the drop down menu.

3. Since your correct pickup point is ready, you will be returned to the initial screen. Tap "Set pickup" button.

4. On the next screen you see all the services types (vehicle classes) available for your route. Each service type contains the name of vehicle class, generic car picture related to this class, maximum passengers allowed, available payment methods, minimum cost of the ride. Scroll down to see all the service types (vehicle classes). Select one.

5. If you want to see detailed fares for all service types (vehicle classes), tap "Fares" in the upper right corner of the screen.

6. Once a service type is chosen, you will be forwarded to the "Confirm booking" screen. If your ride is a direct non-stop transfer from A to B, add the drop off address to get the fixed cost. If you have additional stops, multiple pickup or drop off locations, do not add any drop off address: the cost of your ride will be calculated automatically according to actual mileage and journey time. Likewise, do not add drop off if you have chosen a hourly service type: the cost of your ride will be calculated automatically according the actual service duration.

7. On the "Set drop off location" screen, start to type your address and select the needed one from drop down menu.

8. Once your drop off location is set, you can see the fixed cost of your journey. Please pay attention: this cost does not include any parking fees and tolls. For airport, cruise port or train station pickup kindly add the cost of meet-and-greet service (typically, from 200 to 430 RUB) on top of the ride cost. This sum will also include airport, cruise port or train station 1-hour parking fee.

9. Now you can leave a note for driver. It may be any essential information related to your ride: amount of passengers and luggage, whether you have children under 7 years among passengers, how many they are and what is their age. Be aware: the use of child seats/boosters for such children is compulsory. If you didn't inform us about necessity to prepare a seat/booster, the driver can refuse to fulfill your job.

Pay attention: for airport, train station or cruise port pickup the information about flight number and origin, train number and origin and cruise ship name is compulsory! Without this information our driver will not be able to meet you and your booking may be cancelled.

To leave the note, tap "Note" on this screen.

10. On the next screen, type your note and tap check mark in the upper right corner when finished.

11. Control your payment method. To change it, tap on the payment method icon.

12. Control the pickup time. As default, it is set to Now. To change it, tap the calendar icon on this screen.

13. Set your pickup date and time. Pay attention: for airport pickup, indicate the flight arrival time as scheduled. Our driver will monitor the real time flight status and will come to the arrival hall with the name sign within 20 minutes after the actual flight landing, be it as scheduled, early or delayed.

14. Once everything is ready, tap "Confirm booking". That's it! Now your order is dispatched to drivers. As soon as a driver will be assigned to your job, you will get a push notification on your phone.

15. To access your bookings list, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the initial screen.

16. Then tap "My bookings".

17. Find and tap the necessary booking.

18. On the next screen, you will see all the booking details. Unfortunately, it is impossible to edit the booking details. Therefore, if you need to change there something essential, you have to cancel the booking and to create another one. After your driver will start the job, his/her contact phone number will be available for you. You will also be able to see the driver location on the map in real time. Upon arrival of your car, you will get push notification on your phone.