It's very simple. All we need from you is just a basic information about you and your rates. You should register (sign up) at our web site and fill out our form for carriers, uploading your vehicle classes and their corresponding rates. When we review your uploaded information and set up your vehicles in our booking system, you will be eligible to receive job offers each time when a customer selects one of your vehicles for thier ride. Start your onboarding process from here.

It is very simple. When a customer places new booking, and your vehicle is suitable for it, you receive an offer by email. In the message you will see the date/time, the route (or service duration for hourly hire) and the full cost of the order. Subtract our commission (it is constant and is shown in your profile at our website) and you will get your share. If you decide to accept the offer, just click the "Accept" button in the body of message. If nobody accepted the order before you, you will be automatically assigned to this order and the full information related to that order will be immediately emailed to you.

Our commission may vary for each region and for each driver. We add it ontop your fares which you reported to us when applying for partnership. Adding our commission we strive to remain competitive on a certain regional market. You can always see your commission on your account page here: If we change your commission, we will notify you by email.

All our customers pay online in advance. We do not accept cash payments. Respectively, you will not accept cash payment for pre-booked services, unless it is not a surcharge for a service which was not pre-booked (e.g. additional waiting time more than 1 hour after the flight landing time in airports, 30 minutes on train stations and in cruise ports, or 15 minutes in hotels or at city addresses; alterations or additional stops if they wasn't indicated in the booking info, etc.)

As soon as an order is successfully fulfilled, we load your balance at our website with the sum corresponded to your share for this order. Usually it happens within one business day. When you see this sum on your balance at our website, you can order withdrawal of funds. Normally we do it within one business day, too. There are two possible payout methods: 1) PayPal and 2) transfer to your bank account via Wise (virtual bank accounts provided by Payoneer, Revolut or any other neobank are OK, too). When registering, choose one of them. You can always change it later.