Write your pick up address in the Pick Up field of the booking form: just start typing your address, airport, train station, sea port or hotel name, then select the option you need from dropdown list. If you depart from an airport, train station, sea port or bus station, select the respective place marked by airplane, train, ship or bus icon.

Likewise, enter your drop off address in the Drop Off field.

Indicate number of passengers and luggage.

Click on See Price button. Choose the appropriate vehicle class among those available for your route, number of passengers and luggage. Click on Book Now button to proceed for placing the order.

On the next screen, fill all mandatory fields in the booking form. If you will have any questions, contact our support service by email support@welcome.taxi, or through chat on website here, or by phone +44 20 3514 1116.

If you didn’t fill any mandatory field, the system will request you to turn back and to fill the missed information. However, the alert will not disappear automatically immediately after correcting the error. After correcting the errors, you need to proceed with booking, clicking the respective link or button: See Price, Book Now or Make a Booking – depending on the screen where the error was made.

No, the price of your transfer doesn’t depend on date and time. To get a quote on your transfer, you can indicate whatever date and time.

The only exclusions are New Year holiday (December 31 and January 1) and big international sport events like Olympics or UEFA Cup, when the prices may temporarily increase depending on demand.

When ordering transfer from an airport indicate your scheduled flight arrival time. It will help your driver to find the flight and monitor its status in order to meet you at proper time, be it as scheduled, early or delayed.

When ordering transfer from train or bus station indicate your train or bus scheduled arrival time.

When ordering transfer from a hotel, indicate the time when you wish your driver will meet you in the lobby near the reception desk.

In all the other cases indicate the time when your car should arrive to the pick-up address.

Any flight number contains the two-letter code for air company and properly the flight number (up to four digits). You have to indicate the full flight number, including the two-letter part of it.

For example, the correct flight number: AF1044. The incorrect flight number: 1044.

Incorrectly indicated flight number may cause the unability for driver to find your flight and – respectively – to meet you in the airport.

You can place your order online using the booking form on our website not later that 12 hours prior to pick up time. As soon as the order will be confirmed, it will be automatically dispatched to drivers.

Please take in consideration that Van, Minibus and Bus drivers, as well as drivers of Business and Luxury class cars usually plan their working time well in advance. Therefore, if you need one of these vehicle classes, try to place your order as early as possible, and in any case not later than 24 hours prior to pick up time.

If you need your car sooner than in 12 hours, you will not be able to use our online booking form. In this case please contact our customer support team: we will try to find a car for you, and we will tell you whether we will be able to fulfill your order or not.

When filling our online booking form, press “Yes” button next to “Book return?” question, then indicate date and time of your return transfer. Your return transfer will be included into the same order, along with outbound journey.

If the route of your return will be different from the outbound journey, please make two separate bookings.

As soon as you will submit your order through the booking form, a letter will be automatically sent to you. It will contain the order number along with all details and order status (Accepted or Waiting).

If you don’t receive this letter, please contact us.

Sometimes may happen, that important emails finish in the spam box. Therefore, check your spam box and add our address (office@welcome.taxi) to the white list of your mail client.

Yes, of course. It is a transfer, too: pre-booked ride from point A to point B. Just indicate pick-up date and time, the route, the number of passengers – exactly as it would be an airport transfer.

Sure. You can order our Hourly Hire (Chauffeur) Service, e.g. rent a car with driver for certain time. In this case you will pay only for service duration and not for mileage.

In Service Type field select Hourly Hire, indicate service duration, enter pick-up address, number of passengers (and luggage, if any). Upon clicking See Price button you will be taken to the page with all available vehicle classes and their respective prices corresponding to the above selected service duration.

We have several payment methods:

  1. Cash. You pay the whole sum in cash to the driver. Your order will be accepted immediately after submitting.
  2. Transfer to driver's bank card. You pay the whole sum to your driver transferring funds from your bank card to driver's card. For such a transfer, you can use instruments provided by your bank, or you can make transfer by means of a third-party app. We recommend you using Fin.do app (pay attention: transfers via this app are possible only between MasterCard cards). Your order will be accepted immediately after submitting.
  3. PayPal. You pay the whole sum by means of PayPal. After submitting your order you will be redirected to PayPal checkout page. Your order will be accepted immediately after successful payment.
  4. PayPal + Cash. The small part of the total sum you will pay online by PayPal (after submitting your order you will be redirected to PayPal checkout page). The rest you will pay to your driver: either in cash, or by card-to-card transfer (if you agree with him about the second option). Your order will be accepted immediately after successful online payment.

    Yes, if your card is linked to your PayPal account. In this case, even if you don’t have any funds on your PayPal account, your linked card will be charged.

    If you cannot use PayPal for some reason, contact us and we will send you a link to pay online by credit card avoiding use of PayPal.

    Yes. We accept bank transfers from individual customers and companies in Russian ruble, as well as SEPA transfers in euro. Contact us and we will email you the respective invoice.

    All prices on this website and in letters we send to you are quoted in US dollar (USD). To count how much it will cost in your country’s currency or in any other currency, you can use Currency Converter on our website or Google exchange rate (just type the needed currency in the search string, e.g. “USD RUB” to receive the USD echange rate to Russian ruble).

    Be aware, however: the exchange rates you get by this way are for your information and approximate estimation only. The final sum your card or your PayPal account will be charged with, depends on your bank or PayPal exchange rates at the moment of your payment.