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Long-awaited news: accounts are back

During the long time period - for more than one year - we had no possibility to deliver corporate services to our customers. But finally, today we are happy to offer you our restored and renewed WelcomeTaxi Accounts: both for individual and corporate use. Look at our brand new account types below and choose one that suites exactly your needs.

Standard Prepaid Account
Ideal for individual use or for corporate short-term projects. Top-up your account balance online by credit card or PayPal and pay for your jobs from balance. Booking methods: Web Form, email. Pre-booking deadline: 2 days prior to pickup. ASAP bookings: sorry, no.

Standard Postpaid Account
It has the same functionality as Standard Prepaid Account but has no minimum balance level allowing to place bookings. We invoice you bi-weekly and you cover your outstanding balance by credit card online or by ACH bank transfer (US companies only), SEPA bank transfer (EU companies only) or BACS bank transfer (UK companies only). We can agree with you other payment methods, too.

Business Account
This is also a postpaid account. However, it has much more advanced functionality in comparison with Standard accounts. You place your bookings through our special Dispatch Panel, from where you can manage all your active bookings, seeing the driver and vehicle information, his current location etc. Pre-booking deadline: 40 min prior to pickup. ASAP bookings: yes!

Partner Account
It is intended for hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals and other places where your customers and guests may need taxi, transfer or chauffeur service. It has the same functionality as Business Account, but since your passengers pay for themselves by cash, we don't invoice you. Instead, we send you your monthly commission for the succesful jobs you place through your Dispatch Panel.

To read more and to open a WelcomeTaxi account please go to our Account page: