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WelcomeTaxi will wait for Turkey passengers coming to Russian airports for as much as needed free of charge

We have several times faced the situation recently when Russian Federal Security Service threw additional obstacles on the border in the way of passengers coming from Turkey to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

In some cases Turkish air passengers had to spend several hours on the passport control. In other cases they were even not allowed to cross the border without any explanations. Thus, they had to fly back again and cancel a pre-booked transfer from the airport with a delay.

The WelcomeTaxi company wants to distance itself from such actions of Russian officials, which are imposed, as it seems, by political matters. We sympathize with Turkish travellers in Russia and understand the difficulties they have to experience.

Taking all the above mentioned into consideration, we cancel a 60-minutes limit of free waiting time in the arrival zone for the passengers coming from Turkey. From now on and until a special order all the passengers, not depending on their citizenship, who had booked a transfer and arrive from any Turkish airlines flights will be awaited as much as needed without any additional fee.

Only expenses they will have to incur would be the parking fee in the airport according to the actual time of the parking service ticket. In order to cut these expenses down we earnestly request the Turkish passengers to contact our twenty-four-hour dispatch service in case of a possible waiting time prolongation caused by the difficulties with the passport or customs control: +7 499 553 00 56 (Moscow), +7 812 643 42 73 (Saint-Petersburg) or +90 212 900 89 23 (Istanbul). In this case we would be able to move our driver out from a paid parking beside the terminal to a free parking in some distance from the airport.

We are looking forward to meeting our Turkish clients and we are in the firm belief that the Russian government actions that turn ordinary Turkish citizens into hostages of its political ambitions, will not be able to overshadow our business, partnership and friendly relations.