WelcomeTaxi for Business

As a WelcomeTaxi Corporate Account holder, you will receive priority status over cash and credit card bookings at all times. WelcomeTaxi Corporate Account customers are guaranteed a vehicle at all times, even during the busiest periods.

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service and our dedicated Account management team are on hand to assist you with any support you require.

Corporate Account benefits against cash and credit card jobs:

  • Priority status at all times
  • No need to carry cash or pay by credit card online each separate ride
  • Guaranteed cars even during the busiest periods
  • Different payment methods: credit cards or local bank transfers from company accounts in Russia, United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Australia; credit card payments in other countries
  • Credit facility up to one month

Request your Corporate Account now by email: office@welcome.taxi

We proudly provided our services to:

The Coca Cola Company
John Deere
Zurich Insurance Group
Nayak Aircraft Services
Sabena Technics
Austrian Embassy in Moscow
Lufthansa Technical Training
Sudler & Hennessey
The Techint Group
Linx Telecommunications B. V.
Puzzle Tours
Moscow Private Tours
ECOPSY Consulting
CARmel Worldwide Car & Limo Service
City Ride
Flynet Travel