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After several months of work in a “cash-only” mode, credit card payment option in WelcomeTaxi is now fully restored. Starting from July 31 all WelcomeTaxi customers can prepay their rides in Moscow and Saint Petersburg by credit card through 2Checkout.com, company’s online payment facilitator. This option is available for all orders made through online booking form on the website not later than 24 hours prior to pickup time: the customer will be redirected for payment to the secure 2Checkout.com website upon submission of booking form.

Категория: Worldwide | Дата: 31 July 2017

Now you can instantly book a car from your smartphone: just download PickmeApp from Google Play or Apple Store, select WelcomeTaxi and our driver will be a tap away from you!

Категория: Worldwide | Дата: 25 December 2016

WelcomeTaxi cancels the surcharge for English-speaking driver which was 500 RUB in Moscow and 300 RUB in Saint Petersburg. From now on this will be a free option in every city where WelcomeTaxi is present. 

Категория: Worldwide | Дата: 01 December 2016

WelcomeTaxi customers trying to pay by credit card online via our payment facilitator 2CheckOut.com may currently experience problems with their payments.

Категория: Worldwide | Дата: 29 April 2016

WelcomeTaxi sends its best New Year and Christmas wishes to all customers and reminds: prices on 31st December 2015 from 18:00 hours to 1st January 2016 23:59 hours will be charged at 50% higher than normal prices quoted on our web pages.

Категория: Worldwide | Дата: 31 December 2015

We have several times faced the situation recently when Russian Federal Security Service threw additional obstacles on the border in the way of passengers coming from Turkey to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Категория: Worldwide | Дата: 18 December 2015

We have changed our main post address Borsigstr. 9 to the new one: Friedrichstr. 123, postcode 10117 in central Berlin.

Категория: Worldwide | Дата: 10 December 2015

One more convenient payment method is available for Company Priority Account holders. European companies can top up their Priority Account by direct deposit via SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area): exactly as they would send money from their bank account to a correspondent within European Union.

Категория: Worldwide | Дата: 13 October 2015

After soft launch on April 27, WelcomeTaxi opened today its operations in Barcelona. The capital of Catalonia, Spain became our first city in Western Europe. Like in other cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Almaty – in Barcelona we are focused first of all on foreign customers. English or Russian speaking driver is here a free option for every customer.
Категория: Worldwide | Дата: 07 May 2015

We added a new payment method for our Priority Account holders: Direct Deposit, an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction that is a safe, proven, confidential method of transferring payments available for every company based in United States.
Категория: Worldwide | Дата: 22 April 2015

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