All our drivers understand and speak at least some English, many of them speak fluent English. We don't charge any additional fee for dispatching an English-speaking driver to you.

You can book your ride by one of the following ways:

1. PickmeApp application for iOS or Android devices. We suggest you first of all this method, because in this case your booking will be immediately automatically dispatched to drivers, and you will have all the information about the state of your booking along with driver details just in your smartphone.

2. Web Desk on our website. Your booking will be immediately automatically dispatched too, and you will see the driver's details under the booking form. You will be notified by SMS with the vehicle details when a driver will be assigned and when your taxi will arrive. However, no driver's contact information will be texted to you.

3. Mail Booking Form on our website. We will be notified about your booking by email and we will need to register it manually. SMS notifications will be automatically sent to you when a driver will be assigned to your job and when he/she will arrive to your pickup place. However, the SMS will contain only the vehicle details and will not display driver's contact information. It is supposed that your driver will call or text you to get in touch. We suggest you to use this method only if you have no possibility to use one of the two previous methods mentioned above.

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Write your pick up address in the Pick Up field of the booking form: just start typing your address, airport, train station, sea port or hotel name, then select the option you need from dropdown list. If you depart from an airport, train station, sea port or bus station, select the respective place marked by airplane, train, ship or bus icon.

Likewise, enter your drop off address in the Drop Off field.

Indicate number of passengers and luggage.

Click on See Price button. Choose the appropriate vehicle class among those available for your route, number of passengers and luggage. Click on Book Now button to proceed for placing the order.

On the next screen, fill all mandatory fields in the booking form. If you will have any questions, contact our support service by email, or through chat on website here, or by phone +44 20 3514 1116.

It's very simple. All we need from you is just a basic information about you and your rates. You should register (sign up) at our web site and fill out our form for carriers, uploading your vehicle classes and their corresponding rates. When we review your uploaded information and set up your vehicles in our booking system, you will be eligible to receive job offers each time when a customer selects one of your vehicles for thier ride. Start your onboarding process from here.

Sorry, for the moment it's impossible. We try to reduce the costs and therefore we do not maintain the call center anymore. If you booked your ride via PickmeApp or WebDesk, you will see the driver's name and phone number in your smartphone or on the WebDesk page, so you can contact him or her directly. Of course, if something goes wrong with your booking (for example you cannot reach your driver by phone), you can call our office phone number (see it on the Contact page).

No matter how you book - via PickmeApp, Web Desk or Mail Booking Form - you will see the exact price of your ride in the moment of booking: as soon as you enter pickup and drop off addresses and select the vehicle class.

If you didn’t fill any mandatory field, the system will request you to turn back and to fill the missed information. However, the alert will not disappear automatically immediately after correcting the error. After correcting the errors, you need to proceed with booking, clicking the respective link or button: See Price, Book Now or Make a Booking – depending on the screen where the error was made.

It is very simple. When a customer places new booking, and your vehicle is suitable for it, you receive an offer by email. In the message you will see the date/time, the route (or service duration for hourly hire) and the full cost of the order. Subtract our commission (it is constant and is shown in your profile at our website) and you will get your share. If you decide to accept the offer, just click the "Accept" button in the body of message. If nobody accepted the order before you, you will be automatically assigned to this order and the full information related to that order will be immediately emailed to you.

There are two payment options:

1. Cash at the end of your ride. If you just arrived in this country and don't have yet any local money, our driver will always help you to find an ATM to withdraw cash, or exchange office to change your money, or even can accept euro or US dollars instead of local currency according to the market exchange rate.

2. Prepayment by credit card online. It is possible only if you book at least 24 hours prior to your pickup time. If you book through the booking form on our website, upon submitting the booking form you will be redirected to the secure website, our online payment facilitator. If you book by email or by phone, the payment request will be emailed to you manually by our staff. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to pay by credit card when booking through PickmeApp.

No, the price of your transfer doesn’t depend on date and time. To get a quote on your transfer, you can indicate whatever date and time.

The only exclusions are New Year holiday (December 31 and January 1) and big international sport events like Olympics or UEFA Cup, when the prices may temporarily increase depending on demand.

Our commission may vary for each region and for each driver. We add it ontop your fares which you reported to us when applying for partnership. Adding our commission we strive to remain competitive on a certain regional market. You can always see your commission on your account page here: If we change your commission, we will notify you by email.

If you made your booking through Mail Booking Form, you will receive the email confirmation. It will be send to you automatically immediately upon successful submitting of your booking form. If you don't receive it, check your Spam box: it may finish there. If you still do not see our confirmation email even in Spam box, repeat your booking.

If you made your booking through Web Desk, you will immediately see it in your History under the booking form.

When ordering transfer from an airport indicate your scheduled flight arrival time. It will help your driver to find the flight and monitor its status in order to meet you at proper time, be it as scheduled, early or delayed.

When ordering transfer from train or bus station indicate your train or bus scheduled arrival time.

When ordering transfer from a hotel, indicate the time when you wish your driver will meet you in the lobby near the reception desk.

In all the other cases indicate the time when your car should arrive to the pick-up address.

All our customers pay online in advance. We do not accept cash payments. Respectively, you will not accept cash payment for pre-booked services, unless it is not a surcharge for a service which was not pre-booked (e.g. additional waiting time more than 1 hour after the flight landing time in airports, 30 minutes on train stations and in cruise ports, or 15 minutes in hotels or at city addresses; alterations or additional stops if they wasn't indicated in the booking info, etc.)

If you book via PickmeApp or Web Desk, you will see the driver's name and phone number along with his/her vehicle details in your smartphone app or on the WebDesk page respectively, as soon as a driver will be assigned to your job.

If you book via Mail Booking Form, you will not receive automatically your driver's contact information. But he/she will get in touch with you by phone or by text. We understand that this is not very comfortable. That is why we strongly suggest you to use PickmeApp or Web Desk instead of Mail Booking Form.

Any flight number contains the two-letter code for air company and properly the flight number (up to four digits). You have to indicate the full flight number, including the two-letter part of it.

For example, the correct flight number: AF1044. The incorrect flight number: 1044.

Incorrectly indicated flight number may cause the unability for driver to find your flight and – respectively – to meet you in the airport.

As soon as an order is successfully fulfilled, we load your balance at our website with the sum corresponded to your share for this order. Usually it happens within one business day. When you see this sum on your balance at our website, you can order withdrawal of funds. Normally we do it within one business day, too. There are two possible payout methods: 1) PayPal and 2) transfer to your bank account via Wise (virtual bank accounts provided by Payoneer, Revolut or any other neobank are OK, too). When registering, choose one of them. You can always change it later.

You will see it on the WebDesk page (if you are logged in with your phone number) or in PickmeApp application on your smartphone. If you made your booking through Mail Booking Form, you will receive an SMS with vehicle details as soon as a driver will be assigned to your job.

For Standard and Estate/SUV classes, jobs are normally dispatched to drivers two hours prior the pickup time. Sometimes it may happen earlier. For Business, VIP and Van classes, jobs are dispatched to drivers immediately.

You can place your order online using the booking form on our website not later that 12 hours prior to pick up time. As soon as the order will be confirmed, it will be automatically dispatched to drivers.

Please take in consideration that Van, Minibus and Bus drivers, as well as drivers of Business and Luxury class cars usually plan their working time well in advance. Therefore, if you need one of these vehicle classes, try to place your order as early as possible, and in any case not later than 24 hours prior to pick up time.

If you need your car sooner than in 12 hours, you will not be able to use our online booking form. In this case please contact our customer support team: we will try to find a car for you, and we will tell you whether we will be able to fulfill your order or not.

Sometimes it can happen due to some reasons. Our dispatchers monitor the situation and will duplicate the job to find another driver. But just to be sure, better make another booking through PickmeApp or Web Desk.

When filling our online booking form, press “Yes” button next to “Book return?” question, then indicate date and time of your return transfer. Your return transfer will be included into the same order, along with outbound journey.

If the route of your return will be different from the outbound journey, please make two separate bookings.

Your driver will come in the arrival hall within 20 minutes after the actual landing of your flight and will wait you with the name sign in the arrival hall, just in front of the exit from the customs control zone. 

One hour of waiting time after the actual landing of your flight is free of charge. If you see that you are unable to appear within 60 minutes after the landing, immediately call or text your driver letting him/her know that you need some additional waiting time. In this case you will have to pay additional parking cost (one hour of parking time is already included into the transfer cost).

If you will not appear within 60 minutes after the landing time and if you fail to get in touch with your driver within that time, your job will be cancelled due to no-show and driver will leave the airport.

As soon as you will submit your order through the booking form, a letter will be automatically sent to you. It will contain the order number along with all details and order status (Accepted or Waiting).

If you don’t receive this letter, please contact us.

Sometimes may happen, that important emails finish in the spam box. Therefore, check your spam box and add our address ( to the white list of your mail client.

Nothing. Our driver will monitor your flight status and will arrive in the airport just in time. You will not have to pay additionally for it.

Yes, of course. It is a transfer, too: pre-booked ride from point A to point B. Just indicate pick-up date and time, the route, the number of passengers – exactly as it would be an airport transfer.

The driver will monitor your flight status, and in case or early arrival he/she must appear in the airport just in time, too. However, it is not always possible to be aware of some early arrivals. Therefore, if you arrived earlier and you don't see your driver within 20 minutes after the actual landing time, call him to know when he will arrive.

Sure. You can order our Hourly Hire (Chauffeur) Service, e.g. rent a car with driver for certain time. In this case you will pay only for service duration and not for mileage.

In Service Type field select Hourly Hire, indicate service duration, enter pick-up address, number of passengers (and luggage, if any). Upon clicking See Price button you will be taken to the page with all available vehicle classes and their respective prices corresponding to the above selected service duration.

We have several payment methods:

  1. Cash. You pay the whole sum in cash to the driver. Your order will be accepted immediately after submitting.
  2. Transfer to driver's bank card. You pay the whole sum to your driver transferring funds from your bank card to driver's card. For such a transfer, you can use instruments provided by your bank, or you can make transfer by means of a third-party app. We recommend you using app (pay attention: transfers via this app are possible only between MasterCard cards). Your order will be accepted immediately after submitting.
  3. PayPal. You pay the whole sum by means of PayPal. After submitting your order you will be redirected to PayPal checkout page. Your order will be accepted immediately after successful payment.
  4. PayPal + Cash. The small part of the total sum you will pay online by PayPal (after submitting your order you will be redirected to PayPal checkout page). The rest you will pay to your driver: either in cash, or by card-to-card transfer (if you agree with him about the second option). Your order will be accepted immediately after successful online payment.

    If you booked via Web Desk or Mail Booking Form you will receive an SMS. If you booked via PickmeApp, you will see on the map how your driver is approaching you and when he arrives you will get notified in the app.

    Yes, if your card is linked to your PayPal account. In this case, even if you don’t have any funds on your PayPal account, your linked card will be charged.

    If you cannot use PayPal for some reason, contact us and we will send you a link to pay online by credit card avoiding use of PayPal.

    Right. You shall add your mobile phone and enter the pickup address first: our services are not yet available everywhere in the world :)

    Yes. We accept bank transfers from individual customers and companies in Russian ruble, as well as SEPA transfers in euro. Contact us and we will email you the respective invoice.

    PickmeApp is not our branded app. This app is used by several taxi companies throughout the world. All our rates in PickmeApp contain the word "WelcomeTaxi" in their names, e.g. "WelcomeTaxi Standard" or "WelcomeTaxi Estate/SUV". If you don't see any WelcomeTaxi offer in the app, it means that in the current location we don't have our services yet. Change pickup to any address in one of our cities and you will see our offers.

    PickmeApp detects your current location and as default offers all services available for that location. To change the pickup from your current location to the desired address, just tap on the detected location and you will be prompted to enter another pickup address.

    For example, you are now in your London office and you need to book a ride from Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow for tomorrow. You open the app and see a number of other taxi companies offers or even don't see any available service at all. Tap on your detected location in Paris and start to type: "Sheremetyevo". PickmeApp uses Google Maps, so it will be very simple to find and select the desired address wherever in the world.

    All prices on this website and in letters we send to you are quoted in US dollar (USD). To count how much it will cost in your country’s currency or in any other currency, you can use Currency Converter on our website or Google exchange rate (just type the needed currency in the search string, e.g. “USD RUB” to receive the USD echange rate to Russian ruble).

    Be aware, however: the exchange rates you get by this way are for your information and approximate estimation only. The final sum your card or your PayPal account will be charged with, depends on your bank or PayPal exchange rates at the moment of your payment.

    In the app, add your mobile phone and enter a pickup address. Afterwards switch from "NOW" to "PRE" and select the desired pickup date and time. Unless you enter a pickup address, you will not be able to switch.

    If you booked via PickmeApp, you can cancel your job just in the application.

    Likewise, if you booked via Web Desk, you can cancel your job in the History section on the Web Desk page just under the booking form.

    If you booked via Mail Booking Form, you can cancel your booking using the link in the confirmation letter or just writing an email to

    The cancellation is free of charge if it is made before the taxi arrival. If you cancel the job after the taxi arrival, you have to pay 100% of your journey cost.

    В поле "Откуда" формы заказа укажите свой адрес отправления. Начните вводить адрес или название аэропорта, вокзала, отеля, другого места. Выберите нужный вариант из выпавшего списка. Если место Вашего отправления - аэропорт, морской порт, железнодорожный вокзал или автостанция, то выберите из предложенного списка аэропортов, портов, вокзалов или автостанций. Такой адрес будет помечен соответствующей иконкой с самолетом, кораблем, поездом или автобусом.

    Точно так же укажите адрес места назначения в поле "Куда".

    Укажите число пассажиров и количество мест багажа.

    Нажмите кнопку "Посмотреть цены". Выберите подходящий класс транспортного средства из предложенных системой доступных вариантов для Вашего маршрута, количества пассажиров и багажа. Нажмите кнопку "Заказать", чтобы перейти к оформлению заказа.

    На следующем экране заполните все обязательные поля заказа. Если возникнут вопросы, свяжитесь с нашей поддержкой через чат на сайте, или по электронной почте, или позвоните нам по телефону +7 495 266-65-07.

    Если Вы не заполнили какие-либо обязательные поля, система попросит Вас вернуться и заполнить их. Однако предупреждающая надпись не исчезнет автоматически сразу после заполнения необходимых полей. Исправив ошибки, Вам нужно продолжить оформление заказа, нажав на соответствующую кнопку или ссылку: "Посмотреть цены", "Заказать" или "Завершить оформление заказа" - в зависимости от того, на каком экране возникло сообщение об ошибке.

    Нет, цена трансфера не зависит от даты и времени. Чтобы узнать, сколько стоит Ваш трансфер, Вы можете указать любую дату и любое время.

    Исключение составляют даты новогодних праздников (31 декабря и 1 января), а также дни проведения больших международных спортивных состязаний с большим количеством гостей, например - Олимпийские игры, чемпионаты мира или Европы по футболу. В эти дни цена может быть повышена в зависимости от спроса.

    При заказе трансфера из аэропорта указывайте время прибытия Вашего рейса по расписанию. Это поможет водителю найти Ваш рейс и отследить его статус, чтобы встретить Вас в нужное время, независимо от того, прибудет ли рейс вовремя, прилетит раньше или задержится.

    При заказе трансфера с железнодорожного вокзала или автостанции указывайте время прибытия Вашего поезда (автобуса) по расписанию.

    При заказе трансфера из отеля указывайте время, в которое водитель должен встретить Вас у стойки ресепшн в холле отеля.

    Во всех остальных случаях указывайте время, когда автомобиль должен быть подан по указанному в заказе адресу.

    Любой номер рейса состоит из двухбуквенного кода, соответствующего авиакомпании, и собственно номера рейса (до четырех цифр). Вам нужно указать номер полностью, включая буквенную часть.

    Например, правильно указанный рейс: AF1044. Неправильно указанный рейс: 1044.

    Неправильно указанный рейс может привести к тому, что водитель не найдет Ваш рейс для отслеживания и не сможет встретить Вас в аэропорту.

    Разместить заказ через форму на сайте можно не позднее, чем за 12 часов до времени подачи автомобиля. Сразу после размещения и подтверждения заказа он будет автоматически предложен подходящим водителям.

    Пожалуйста, имейте в виду, что водители транспортных средств повышенной вместимости (вэны, микроавтобусы и автобусы), а также повышенной комфортабельности (классов Бизнес и Люкс), планируют свое рабочее время заранее. Поэтому постарайтесь разместить такой заказ как можно раньше, и, во всяком случае, не позднее, чем за 24 часа до времени поездки.

    Если автомобиль нужен Вам раньше, чем через 12 часов, Вы не сможете воспользоваться формой на сайте. В этом случае свяжитесь с нами, мы постараемся найти для Вас автомобиль и известим Вас о том, сможем ли мы выполнить Ваш заказ, или нет.

    При заполнении формы заказа на сайте нажмите кнопку "Да" рядом с вопросом "Заказать обратную поездку?", после чего укажите дату и время обратной поездки. Обратный трансфер будет включен в тот же самый заказ.

    Если маршрут обратного трансфера отличается от маршрута прямого, оформляйте два отдельных заказа.

    Как только Вы отправите заказ через форму на сайте, Вам будет автоматически отправлено письмо с номером заказа, всеми его деталями и статусом заказа ("Ожидание" или "Подтвержден").

    Если такое письмо не пришло - обязательно свяжитесь с нами.

    Иногда бывает, что письма от нас попадают в спам. Проверьте папку спама на Вашем компьютере и занесите наш адрес в белый список Вашего почтового клиента.

    Да, конечно. Это тоже трансфер, или, иными словами - заказанная заранее поездка по маршруту из точки А в точку Б. Укажите дату и время поездки, маршрут, число пассажиров - все, как при заказе трансфера из аэропорта или в аэропорт.

    Разумеется. Вы можете воспользоваться нашей услугой "Шофёр-сервис" (почасовая аренда автомобиля с водителем). В этом случае цена не будет зависеть от Вашего маршрута и количества остановок - Вы платите только за время.

    В поле "Тип услуги" формы заказа выберите "Почасовая аренда автомобиля с водителем", укажите продолжительность аренды, адрес подачи автомобиля, а также количество пассажиров и багажа. При нажатии на кнопку "Посмотреть цены" Вы увидите все доступные для Вас классы автомобилей и стоимость их аренды на указанное количество часов и минут.

    У нас есть несколько основных способов оплаты:
    1. Наличными. Вы оплачиваете водителю всю стоимость заказа. Ваш заказ будет подтвержден немедленно после оформления.
    2. Переводом на карту водителя. Вы оплачиваете водителю всю стоимость заказа переводом на его банковскую карту со своей банковской карты. Для этого можно воспользоваться инструментами перевода, которые предлагает Ваш банк, либо осуществить перевод через какое-либо стороннее приложение. Мы рекомендуем приложение (обратите внимание, что переводы там возможны пока только между картами MasterCard). Ваш заказ будет подтвержден немедленно после оформления.
    3. PayPal. Вы полностью оплачиваете стоимость заказа через платежную систему PayPal. После завершения оформления заказа Вы будете автоматически перенаправлены на платежную страницу сервиса PayPal. Ваш заказ будет подтвержден немедленно после успешной оплаты.
    4. PayPal + Наличные. Меньшую часть стоимости заказа Вы оплачиваете онлайн в момент оформления заказа (после завершения оформления заказа Вы будете автоматически перенаправлены на платежную страницу сервиса PayPal). Остальную часть стоимости Вы оплачиваете водителю - наличными, либо переводом на его карту, по договоренности с водителем. Ваш заказ будет подтвержден немедленно после успешной онлайн-оплаты.

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